Why did you choose this sport ?
Because I’m always searching for new challenges. Parkour/Freerunning has no limits except of your
abilities so it’s a big playground to express yourself.
Greatest achievement and resultats ?
Top 10 Freerunner international from 2007-2012 (Red Bull Art of Motion) 5 times
Guiness World Records holder.
Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
Creating news Gyms for creative movement in Europe. Taking part at Red Bull Art of Motion
after a break since 2012 To inspire people for creative movement.

What is your life as an athlete in 3 or 4 words ?
Free, awesome and stressful.

Extra activities ?
Coaching pro athlete’s from all over the world, educating fitness coaches, consultant for fitness
studios in Europe, eventmanager, artistmanager, creating tv show etc…

Why use XtremeMac products ?
There’s a strong connection between creative movement and music. XtremeMac gives me the
possibility to carry my favourite songs with me during my workouts, events etc.





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