Can you talk about you activities and your sport ?
First a BMX Race Rider and also a BMX coach since I’m 18 and professional coach since 2008 !
It’s a perfect way to share knowledge and passion to the kids. At the top of my carrer as a BMX rider, I had
a bike crash in 2002 that left me tetraplegique. Despite my disabled status I do all I can do daily.
I keep pedaling using a handbike, I do ski (seatski), I do off road wheelchair, almost everything I used to do
before. And I’m also a proud father of a new generation rider !
Greatest achievement and results ?
my greatest achievement in BMX Race : 3x National champion 3x Silver medalist European championship
1x silver medalist world championship
Carrer goal or next 2 years goal ?
my next goal within the next 2 years : keep working hard as a coach and give my best to the kids.
Live all the best with my son and wife.

Why use XtremeMac products ?
Because all my family is Apple enthusiastic ! Apple devices are everywhere. Apple are quality products
and so should be the accessories. This is why I like XM products, they fit Apple world, they’re quality products
and convenient which is a real need for me to make my daily life easier.




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